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  • 02:22:00 pm on December 8, 2005 | 30

    Since King Kong has a remake, the movie-makers in Malaysia decided to do a 2006 blockbuster Malaysian style. Director Yusoft HasBeen has great plans ahead as he talks about his new movie rumoured to end filming by end of March next year.

    “We has been in timing schedule wise and we are hope we can exposed our quality movie beyond our Malaysia viewer,” as exclaimed by the 6 milimeter man, Datuk Yusoft HasBeen.

    “Our budget for the movie, “JAWS”, is a high one. I am hope I can earn a lot of cinema sale and VCD sale as how I do for “Sembelit” and “Sembilan 2005″. So far, the gezek and poster we pay around $3 millions of ringgit and aim to get back untung of $6 millions as how I did with Sembelit last time.”

    Datuk Yusoft HasBeen had hand-picked the top stars in the local filming industry where once again, Rosyam Nohave, Error Faz Error and Shy Fool Apek were chosen to star in the leading roles.

    Added Datuk Yusoft,”I choice Rosyam, Error and Apek it is because After Lin Chow Kee want to take Acer Mee Zal. So I cannot let Lin Chow Kee take anymore it is because I cannot take it anymore.”

    “Malaysia has support Skoop Production and I am very happy of course. People love to see big name and I want to make this big with big name. In the movie also have one new actor. Actually it is a Jaws. That time I go fishing with my family and catch Jaws. I want to eat but still small but I very clever and I thinking fast. So I have idea on a new movie. First time in Malaysia we remake a hollywood filem. It is because Blade Hj AskMe make KL Mencarut 1, a first prequel in Malaysia, I want to be different than Blade. So I make Jaws.”

    “Oh ya I want to talk about the new actor. It is also a jaws. We bring home at our pond and jaga. My son call it Mami Jerong. Very talented! So we train her to act and now she is going to make me earn big money it is because I no need to pays her. (Laughter).”

    Jaws started filming in late November last month and the shoot made full use of Malaysia’s very own beautiful island, Langkawi. It was reported that Skoop Productions had budgeted a hefty RM10 million for the production cost of the famous Steven Spielberg’s movie.

    Planning to hit the theaters by middle of 2006, we can assume that by the rate the Malaysian film-goers are showing their support for Datuk Yusoft’s movies, Jaws is surely a definite hit. I can see the 6 millimeter man’s smile a mile away as he waved me farewell before driving off in his new beemer.



  • lynny 4:28 pm on December 8, 2005 | # | Reply

    eh?? tagboard tarak lagi ah? nway hampir pecah perut guek baca that Jaws thingy… haha

  • Linda NJ 4:33 pm on December 8, 2005 | # | Reply

    wah. panjang betol ni entry eh.
    ok. here goes, my 2 cents’ worth:

    1) That Datuk Yusoft HasBeen should seriously consider spending on English/Grammar classes instead. Aku tak leh duduk diam baca dia nyer omputeh!

    2) Dah tau Superstar, naik taxi Mercedes lah! duh.

    3) is you stay inside Toa Payoh? Near there, the interchange air-conditioned one.

    4) Tanjong Pagar Railway Station. Now. Where’s my prize?

    5) Gelang, Geylang, Gaylang. ape ape lah eh. orchard jugak best. *in true minah slang, yo!*

  • Linda NJ 4:38 pm on December 8, 2005 | # | Reply

    wah. panjang betol ni entry eh.
    ok. here goes, my 2 cents’ worth:

    1) That Datuk Yusoft HasBeen should seriously consider spending on English/Grammar classes instead. Aku tak leh duduk diam baca dia nyer omputeh!

    2) Dah tau Superstar, naik taxi Mercedes lah! duh.

    3) is you stay inside Toa Payoh? Near there, the interchange air-conditioned one.

    4) Tanjong Pagar Railway Station. Now. Where’s my prize?

    5) Gelang, Geylang, Gaylang. ape ape lah eh. orchard jugak best. *in true minah slang, yo!*

    (seandainya ni comment kluar twice, pandai-pandai anda delete salah satu. pasal the previous one tak kluar dok! pfft)

  • sugaa 4:42 pm on December 8, 2005 | # | Reply

    yea i tried. my font didn’t turn out right. >.

  • Kak Lis 5:53 pm on December 8, 2005 | # | Reply

    Aku tak yah comment ah.. tadi dah comment kat tepon..

    LINDANJ – kau kena cakap 2 kali ehk? hehe.. bagus jugak lah kau cakap dua kali.. ari kan pekak.. oopss. mata dia offset sikit.. so kena type 2 kali, jadik dia bleh nampak 4 kali.

    actually, bukan tak keluar LindaNJ, i think this comment box something wrong.. coz i have the same problem.. look at the previous entry nye comments.

    Ari, you got to do something here man…

    P.S : Ekceli, mata aku pon ada sikit offset.. esp kalau aku tgh rilek one corner.. mata belom jinak lagik.

  • duan 12:57 am on December 9, 2005 | # | Reply

    Coconut Anklet wud be juz purrrfect for an mrt station name, wouldn’t it?? HArharhar!

    BUt who’s that paparazzi stalking u during yr “private” moments? Maybe u can sue him/her… =p (Xtra income for superstars..)

  • Aridewa 7:18 am on December 9, 2005 | # | Reply

    Lynny: Tagboard dah kena sekerep dah dey…

    Linda NJ: here are my worthless;

    1) Dia tak kisah pasal dia dah kaya… and he doesn’t care about improving.

    2) Superstar2 skrg dah byk nak boycott taxi drivers dan tanak contribute to ERP during peak hours.

    3) Yes I stays in the toa payoh areas.

    4) You are correct! Collect your prize at Joo Chiat Complex tingkat dua tepi tangga.

    5) Orchard ke.. Geylang ke.. yang paling best still rumah Min!

    Sugaa: Lerr… I tot u know one! try ah!

    Kak Lis: Apa Pekak!!??? Lu tu P’KAK, Lis! Apa offset? Gua punya mata bukan offset tapi onset. ada dua nampak 1!

    Anyway, the comments are sent but sometimes just need another to send to come out together. Alah small matter. CODING pon bukan gua bikin..

    Duan: Siollah coconut anklet.. but names of NEL, LRT all very weird one right? So coconut anklet wudn’t be surprising. And ya hor.. sueing seems to be an infamous part time job for the rich… and famous. hahaha

  • Doink 10:35 am on December 9, 2005 | # | Reply

    hahahahahahahahaha… lepak lepak. sungguh ‘ter’lepak aku membaca gezek jaws tu. semakin lepak bila aku perhatikan betul2 tu gambar jaws, i only realised it’s someone’s dagu. chet! tipah tertipu… padan pon aku tengok kenapa gigi jaws ni cantik.. tak jagged jagged.. hahah! u really one artistlah Ari! pandai kau bodoh2kan mata beta.

  • Aridewa 2:30 pm on December 9, 2005 | # | Reply

    Gigi jaws tu cantek? terima kaseh penunggu gua… terima kaseh penunggu gua… terima kaseh penunggu gua…

    tapi aku tak berniat utk memperbodohkan puanku! soompah!

  • Crab 3:56 pm on December 9, 2005 | # | Reply

    Hello I am crab.
    Zuraidah is my sister
    U very farni ah

  • Crab 4:49 pm on December 9, 2005 | # | Reply

    Yup I dah call her
    And tell her tis
    Me : “DO U KNOW ARI”???
    She : WHO?
    Me : ARIDEWA
    She : Dunno ah
    Me : He say he know u, he cho kong same with u
    *Then I read your comments to her in her blog*
    She : OK I know him
    Me : He got a blog tau, u go and read
    She : OK OK *all excited*

    Tat is all, she is busy with preparing to doll up for her D&D so she got no time to layan her blog

  • Aridewa 5:13 pm on December 9, 2005 | # | Reply

    Hahaha… I know that one will cum up!

    U r one sweeet sister a twin can get.

    Thanks for all the trouble you have to explain to her and all. Since she very busy playing dress up for dnd, send my regards to her k?

    Thank yoouuuuu, Crab!!!

  • Doink 6:05 pm on December 9, 2005 | # | Reply

    Aku takut Magg baca blog kau, terus terpaku tengok gigi jaws yang cantek tu… sampai hubby panggil nak gi d&d pon dia tak layan… hurhurhur.

  • Hani Barnie 11:41 pm on December 9, 2005 | # | Reply

    sumhow that picture of jaws is truly disturbing… i’ve nvr seen jaws with perfectly aligned blunt teeth… :P and yes, i miss my darling baby like crazy!!!!!!!!!! e mmt i see him, i am going to do it like jaws.. i am going to eat him up(or probably just sing “hit me baby one more time” for a more obvious hint)!! *wink wink* :D

  • Aridewa 11:57 am on December 10, 2005 | # | Reply

    Doink: Takkan lah sampai terpaku.. dia tgh bz giler tu tgk cermin dgn gigi dia making sure everything is pretty and beautiful for the dnd.. hehe

    Hani Barnie: Eeeeeeee….. Barnie is satanic!!!! Arrrgghhhhhh.. That dinosaur is one disturbing and satanic creature for kids! scary xia!

    and I still dont get it on how u r going to eat your baby.. hmmmm… hurhurhurhur

  • Joe 12:32 am on December 11, 2005 | # | Reply

    Hi Ari !!
    A long article here. Nicely put. Enjoyed reading it although it’s my 1st time reading your blog… More to come , I guess… :)

  • mOsh 12:53 am on December 11, 2005 | # | Reply

    nice new skin!

  • Aridewa 8:50 am on December 11, 2005 | # | Reply

    Hi Joe!!!

    Terima kasih kerana sudi menjengok jendolku yg luas tapi tak seberapa iye.. Yang long entry ni tengok mood.. kadang2 sampai takder entry langsong. Jgn serik eh… sila datang lagi di kedai makan Ari!

    Mosh: Thx.. but What happened to you??? Where u menghilang??

  • Kak Lis 2:18 pm on December 12, 2005 | # | Reply

    hu is dis Joe? Joe-ngang? Joe-tos? Joe-Labu? Joe-ging? Joe-li? Joe-run?

    Lynna jual apa? jual rumah ke?

  • Ari 2:51 pm on December 12, 2005 | # | Reply

    Pergilah check Links tu dulu sebelum hembus! Say hi to Joe!

    Lynna gua dah delete the comment pasal merepek dan merosakkan setting page ini with her long name. Next time want to spam, please do it with style k…

  • Kak Lis 2:58 pm on December 12, 2005 | # | Reply

    Hi Joe, Ari suruh aku cakap “Hi”.. so Hi Joe.. tadi gurau je.. tak marah kan.. kalau marah, kena jual.. *lame siol aku peh pick up line*

    Tak baik tau, delete orangnye comment.. nanti orang kicik ati..

  • Joe 11:31 pm on December 12, 2005 | # | Reply

    * senyum

    Hi Kak Lis & Hello to you Ari…!! How was your day today … Joe baru balik dari ofis..penat juga tapi bila baca keletah Lis di blog nie… kurang sikit keletihan nie.. ha ha ha ha Cutelah.
    Lis , salam perkenalan dari Joe.

  • Aridewa 2:03 am on December 13, 2005 | # | Reply

    Kak Lis: Besar kicik ati, nila saya tadahkan! hahahaha…

    Joe: My day was ok.. just came back from karoke dgn members.. hehe..
    Lambat habis kerja.. tapi takper, biar lambat asalkan selamat betul tak?

    Lis… Joe hulurkan salam perkenalan tu…

    Jgn marah eh Joe, kak Lis ni ada pekak sikit.. sebab tu kita panggil dia kak lis.. short form for peKAK LIS. kahkahkahakh!

  • Kak Lis 11:43 am on December 13, 2005 | # | Reply

    Hi Joe, salam perkenalan to you too.. so old skool nye phrase..

    Anyways…. WOIT!! Aku tau aku pekak, tapi tak buta! Aku nampak sangat apa ko type. Cis prata! tak sayang mulot/tangan/jari/kaki/badan ehk? dah belik insurans ke belom? sekalik aku ketis, bertabor tulang rusuk ko.. bapak tawwwwwww????

  • Ari 4:31 pm on December 13, 2005 | # | Reply

    Kak Lis, lu jgn nak mcm-mcm hah… nanti silap haribulan lu punya tulang rusuk yang bertabor dgn gigi-gigi lu sekali… Bapak taaaaooooooooowwwwwww!

  • The Moojik Times » Blog Archive » Ignorance Is Not So Blissful 1:45 pm on May 1, 2006 | # | Reply

    […] Ironically, the raid happened shortly after an episode in the ever-so-stupid Gerak Khas featured a bunch of metalheads getting together and get high on drinks and pills. Does that mean Yusoft Hasbeen has a strong influential content in his lame dramas? […]

  • sovak 7:23 am on June 29, 2006 | # | Reply

    you`re special. Moojik all the way!

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